Some of the most dynamic telecom markets are engaged in a process of consolidation in the developing world. This trend can be explained by long-term structural shifts  (declining ARPU, content-delivery and mobile-fixed convergence, etc.). Therefore, it is crucial for private actors to handle external growth and make the most such strategic opportunities.

Horus T & U has developed, in partnerships with investment banks and law firms, a solid experience in due diligence and consulting in transactions in the telecommunications sector.

Business Audit

Perform an accurate and multidimensional diagnosis of the acquired or sold firm

Clients – Fixed or mobile operators, governments …

Methods – Strategic diagnosis, external analysis (sector and its evolution), commercial/technical/operational audit, business plan and P&L forecasts, synergies and integration stakes

Impacts – A clear vision of strenghts, weaknesses and major stakes related to the firm and its market positioning. Tangibles elements and precise analyses for the valorisation of the sale or the acquisition decision

Transaction Process

Accompany the acquirer or the seller throughout the complex steps that lead to the success of the transaction

Customer – Mobile and fixed operators, governments (privatization of public operator)

Methods – Publication of the Info-memo, Data Room and Investor Relations, Investor Campaign, Bid Piloting (Q & A, Investor Relations), Bid Analysis, etc.

Impact – Successful end-to-end transaction process and guaranteed selection of the best partner according to the client’s objectives.

Tender Process

Assisting operators throughout the tender and negotiation for licensing and / or frequency process.

Securing a strategic resource for telecom operators and increasing the negotiating power with the regulatory authorities following the establishment of a business case and a solid application file.

Our Value Added

Extensive Knowledge of all the telecom stakeholders

From private operators to regulatory agencies and ministries, our approach involves all stakeholders, maximizing the chance to realize the transaction.