Telecom and Digital Services

Network Deployment – Digitalization of Public Services – Geomarketing Analyses – Due Diligence and Transactions

The Telecommunications sector in developing and emerging countries is characterized by a high level of dynamism and competition. Having transitioned from low-penetration fixed voice services to mass-market mobile prepaid voice and SMS solutions, the next challenges are : 1) Data & connectivity, 2) rural extension of mobile networks, 3) fixed-mobile convergence, 4) digitalization of public services… Horus T&U helps you navigate this complex market. Our sector expertise, GIS tools and data analytics capability provide telecom operators with a clear understanding of current and future areas of growth, optimal capital allocation decisions, innovative business models & monetization strategies, etc.

GIS-Based Network Deployment

We propose an optimized deployment of fixed, mobile or broadband infrastructures, maximizing profitability and strategic objectives. Based on advanced GIS modeling, customer analytics and extensive data collection capabilities, we help C-level executives make the right capital allocation decisions. Our approach is data-driven and based on value-creation & ROI, it models the expected customer base, usage and revenues at the most granular geographic level (blocks or km²) and confront it to CAPEX/OPEX expenditures and strategic imperatives (competitive response, cannibalization across products, etc.) to come up with the best rollout strategy.

Digitalization of Public Services

All emerging countries are engaged in a process of digitalization of public services to facilitate access to them by populations and businesses, particularly in rural and/or remote areas. This process raises issues of technical (coverage), public funding and internal and external acceptance of digital services. Experience shows that the successful digitization of the Administration’s activities is essentially based on the human factor, since it leads to concerns and even resistance, both on the part of the agents responsible for implementing it and on the part of users, households and businesses, who are likely to benefit from it.

It is therefore necessary to think about a reasonable size and pace of implementation of the process, to build an economic model that is sustainable over time, and to provide information, reorganization and training plans for all stakeholders to ensure that the investment is optimally exploited.

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies

We conduct multi-dimensional opportunity & feasibility studies for large telecom projects. Combining business analysis, economic modeling, benchmarks, as well as legal and technical inputs, we are able to recommend optimized project parameters (price, features, channels, etc.), determine the profitability and make sure the project realizes its full potential.

These studies can cover backbone network deployments, product line diversification, business unit strategy (new distribution, communication or procurement models), etc. They are extremely helpful to telecom operators, investors and public stakeholders in order to make sure only viable projects are pursued and oriented in the right direction.

Marketing & Go To Market

We assist telecom operators in all the marketing aspects : design of new offers and new value added services from opportunity analysis to operational launch. We manage amongst others deep customer survey, market analysis, business plan and supervision of operationnal process. We help operators to have the right product, at the right price and with optimal customer journey to face intense concurrence in these markets.

Audits & Due Diligence

In collaboration with investment banks, audit firms and law firms, we carry out Due Diligence of operators and / or licenses in the context of tenders and capital opening operations. and assignments / acquisitions. Within these groupings, we bring our business skills for the analysis of demand, the competitive and pricing environment and the construction of techno-economic business plans.