Sales and Distribution



The deployment of a distribution network as close as possible to customers is a key factor of the profitability of network economies, especially in remote areas. Distribution is often the weak link of the operators.
Based on a strategic analysis, this sales and distribution network will be build with partners selected, trained and evaluated with specific KPIs.

The creation of the network can be based on a GIS tool to enable sales to be monitored by distribution zone.

Assessment and Optimisation of Sales & Distribution Networks

Need to develop and optimise your agent network?

Horus T&U will help you to improve efficiencies within your agent network via training and management. We will also help you to define what content is critical in a training Kit of dealers to ensure the set-up of a profitable and sustainable dealer network, the key challenges faced by dealers offering a range of products, and define the right Product Mix for a urban and rural dealers.

GIS Tools for Distribution & Commercialization

Need to develop, monitor your agent network and improve its performance ?

Horus T&U will help you to improve efficiencies within your direct and indirect distribution. We help you to choose and set-up the appropriate tools to manage sales, teams, stock, market but also distributors. GIS tools can help you to monitor sales in each geographic area and to adapt the targets to your sales force. Real-time dashboards will allow you to have a perfect overview and zoom in key points to quickly make the best decisions for your future growth.

Our Value Added

The Complete establishment of a distribution network.

From the strategic analysis, the zoning of distribution areas, the selection of partners, the internal organization, the operational follow-up to the marketing plan and the reporting, Horus T&U ensures the management of all these aspects.