The huge market potential and growth prospects of developing countries is intrinsically tied with high levels of risk, volatility and intense competitive pressure.

Where to invest ? When to diversify ? How to build a long-standing competitive advantage ?

Combining field experience with sound business analysis and an intimate knowledge of macro- and sector-trends, HORUS helps you navigate these sensitive environments, helping you to make the right strategic choice and build long-terme value

Opportunity & Feasibility Analysis

Set a strategic vision, analyse opportunities, obstacles and current positioning in order to ensure best-value and impact from a new project.

Methods – Benchmarking, internal/external analysis, macro-trends mapping, mutli-dimensional feasibility assessment (commercial, technical, legal, etc.), SWOT, etc.

Clients – Mobile and fixed telecom operators, financial institutions, funders, etc.

Impact – HORUS guides you towards the most effective and strategic initiatives for your organization. By optimizing your project portfolio, we make sure that every project is viable and set the agenda to realize its full potential.

Business Plan

Precisely quantify and analyse a project’s expected requirements and outcomes (revenue drivers, cost structure, ROI, etc.) through rigorous modeling

Clients – Private actors (ICT, energy, etc.), investors, pubic funders (development finance organizations), etc.

Methods – Cost modeling (CAPEX, OPEX), supply-demand modeling (incl. scenario analyses and sensitivity tests), financial analysis (NPV, ROI, break even, etc.)

Impact – HORUS provides you with concrete quantitative insights about your project, identifying major value-creation opportunities, quantifying risk, and selecting the most effective levers to improve financial returns

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Adopt a customer-centric strategy and organization focused on usage and value creation, as opposed to outdated technological silos

Methods – Multi-dimensional analysis of synergies (cost, usages, demand, etc.) across technologies (2/3/4G, ADSL, WiMax, FTTx, etc.). Granular geospatial analysis to match « geo-archetypes » with the most suitable technology mix.

Clients – Incumbent and convergent telecom operators, public-led ICT infrastructure investment programs and access funds, etc.

Impact – Optimizing infrastructure based on usages and customer-centricity is a major source of CAPEX savings, operational efficiency (mobile offloading, backhauling, etc.) and strategic advantage via a better alignment with customer needs.

Post Merger Integration

Realize the full potential of an acquisition or merger through a systematic identification and activation of synergies

Clients – Mobile and fixed telecom operators, governments and investors

Methods – Benchmarking and analysis of industry multiples, assessment of consolidation opportunities, cost synergies & economies of scale, revenue-mix complementarity and value-chain integration, operational excellence, change management, etc.

Impact – The tailor-made approach and sector expertise deployed by Horus T&U ensure that the transaction entirely fulfills its objectives in terms of value creation while maintaining a strong and unified strategic vision.

Our Value Added

From Strategy to Results

Beyond theoretical analysis, Horus T&U mobilizes concrete skills (modeling, scenario analysis) and tools (GIS) to ensure its strategic recommendations are translated into real impact on the ground.