Access To Energy

  Site selection – Telco & Energy Partnerships – Distribution

Access to Energy is one of the most pressing issue of the 21st century. In Africa alone, over 630 millions people still lack access to electricity with average energy access rate as low as 19% in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Horus T&U assists governments and international institutions to elaborate strategic plans for energy access development. Horus T&U expertise’s in GIS, telecommunications and financial services is mobilized to help energy actors in their strategic decisions and operational deployment for site selection, partnership with telco or optimized distribution.

GIS-Based Site-Selection for off-Grid Systems

The deep integration of GIS tools & analysis in the energy operators’ as per strategy and operations allow a very targeted and highly-effective approach to service provision. Combining a precise and systematic mapping of relevant supply & demand variables (infrastructures, energy consumption, etc.) with dynamic demand modelling, it is possible to create an interactive geographic demand model. All these tools facilitate strategic analyses for very concrete business guidance and implementation monitoring.

Partnerships & Synergies between Telecom & Energy Actors

Partnerships between Telecom & Energy Actors have potential for strong synergies to allow optimized deployment through innovative and profitable business models. Infact mobile penetration being much more important than electricity penetration, collaborations between MNOs and ESCOs are highly efficient to extend energy access capitalizing on telecom infrastructure (networks, brands, mobile money etc.). Horus T&U crosses cutting expertise allows unique and impactfull studies as per example conjoint analysis of “Anchor” customer (such as cellco’s BTS) and household energy demand to select site, optimize a solar Pay-as-you-go distribution network through more targeted commercial approaches and better exploited synergies etc.

Optimized Sales & Distribution

Propose an optimized deployment, maximizing profitability and strategic objectives based on advanced GIS modeling of supply and demand factors. Mapping electricity demand and existing agent network allow sales and distribution strategy optimization. Mapping data as sales points, competition presence, prospects customers, sector specific demand as consumer’s behavior to provide concrete recommandations in terms of sales and distribution strategy.