Who we are


Horus T&U in a nutshell

Horus T&U  is a private independant consulting firm totally owned by its founders and consultants. Founded in 2003 as a part of the Horus Group, Horus T&U focuses on the emerging world and helps private and public actors navigating the uncertainties inherent to developing markets. We transform risk into concrete impact and/or sustainable competitive advantage.

Horus T&U’s expertise covers a wide range of sectors and business functions :
Telecommunications/Digital Financial Services/Access to Energy
Corporate Strategy/Transactions & Due Diligence/Digital & Innovation/Policy & Regulation/Marketing & CBM/GIS & Geomarketing/Data & Analytics/Sales & Distribution

Ours activities

They operate in three main sectors: telecommunications and digital services, digital financial services and access to energy. In addition to its sector knowledge, Horus T&U has solid experience in a wide range of strategic and operational areas, from digital strategy to distribution and marketing, enabling it to adapt to its customers’ changing needs as technology evolves.

Field-Based interventions

Our approach is primarily based on field analysis, and fed by an in-depth knowledge of local conditions in 70+ developing markets. Our consultants are frequently integrated within the client’s teams with whom they share their working methods and constantly ensure that the deliverables will truly meet the client’s expectations.

Data expertise

Most emerging markets suffer from a serious lack of reliable and regularly updated statistical information, which makes investment projects all the more uncertain. Thanks to its long-standing presence in these markets, Horus T&U has developed specific geo marketing tools for data collection and analysis in order to minimize statistical margins of error, enhance the reliability of analyses and optimize decision-making.

The analysis and presentation of results in digital cartography, through a Geographic Information System integrated into the deliverables, is also an essential decision-making tool in all decentralized network projects.