Data & Analytics



Because uncertainty is the first brake on effective decison making, data is at the heart of all subjects: what to do without reliable, relevant and up-to-date information?

Where? When? How? Why? Why?
Answering these questions means knowing how to collect reliable data, deduce relevant and revealing KPIs of your business and represent the information visually for a quick understanding.

HORUS T&U will accompany you: data management, data cleaning & data visualisation.

Large Scale Surveys

Opening up a new market for your product?
Need national visibility for the launch?
Minimize the margin of error of a business plan?
Horus T&U helps you understand the organization of the country and target priority areas for your business through detailed and interactive maps, accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Thanks to geolocalized socio-economic and sectoral data, you can estimate the potential of each zone (estimated income for an area of 60 km²), define your approach strategy, design your commercial zones, target B2B and B2C customers…

Data Mining & Multi Source Integration

We collect different sources of data to make it more reliable and give you all the keys to optimize your projects : from raw data to strategic data, Horus T&U will give you full visibility with relevant combinations of data.

Web-scrapping, image recognition, open-data, field survey supervision… we do everything possible to collect, process and visualize all the data necessary for your decision making.

Dashboard & Reporting tools

A lot of data (too much information kills information) ?

Make your data understandable to adjust your strategy as closely as possible.

Horus T&U helps you to process and represent your data. Horus T&U adapts to your tools and needs: from simple Excel files to more complex dashboards with Business Intelligence tools.
From the macro level to the finest level, the relevant indicators will be carefully selected. From the graphic to the map, the best way to represent the information will be adopted.

Our Value Added

The Complete Data Lifecycle

A long-term experience over the entire data lifecycle: collection, processing, integration, analysis, dissemination.
Text data, digital data, geographic data… Horus T&U ensures that the data displayed will have a real impact.