Horus T&U has a sound experience assisting its customers in one of their major challenge provide the right product, at the relevant price in the best place and with the most efficient promotional actions. Combining an extensive combination of methods: geomarketing, customer base management, digital expertise etc. for a deep understanding of customers needs and satisfaction.

Geomarketing & Strategic Marketing

Combination of data analytical tools and GIS gives better insights for strategic decisions

Clients – Mobile and fixed telecom operators, financial institutions, funders, etc.

Methods – Horus T&U maps out broad social and marketing trends using the most recent data (Satellite imagery, call details records, money transfer detail records etc.) to develop strategic models that help addressing the customers. Horus T&U also uses a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map out the results and therefore enhance the analysis with a geographical standpoint.

Impact – The combination of data analytical tools and GIS allows Horus T&U to assist its customers launching an appropriate product, at the appropriate place, with the appropriate pricing.

Digital Marketing

Horus T&U has developed a strong expertise in digital marketing mobilizing all digital channels for an optimized customer experience.


Horus T&U develops sound models to define the most appropriate prices to maximize revenues including for distribution strategy fixing the optimized revenue sharing agreement. The precise models present the impact on demand and revenues of the evolution of the price.

Customer Base Management

Accompany operator in setting-up a customer base management strategy

Clients – telecom operators

Methods – customer base behavioural diagnosis, detailed building of customer knowledge tools, definition and construction of relational action plans, impact measuring

Impacts – churn reduction, ARPU growth

Launch of new products & services

Launch competitive services with the best time to market.

Methods – Benchmarks, opportunity and feasibility analysis, demand and customers needs analysis (Focus Groups, Surveys) technical, commercial, legal roadmap, proof of concept and pilot management

Impact – services launched answered to the market in an optimized delivery time

Our Value Added

Sound knowledge of innovation process and market expectations in emerging markets.