Digital & Innovation



Digitization is one of the major challenges faced everywhere by private and public actors. Without legacy infrastructures, services and organizations that hinder disruption, developing markets have the potential to leapfrog by directly implementing innovative business models, digital customer experience and agile management practices.

While the M-Pesa and Mobile Money revolution is a perfect illustration of this potential, most sectors and segments remain to be disrupted. From access to energy to smart cities, digital telcos to public services, digitization has a huge and largely untapped business and development potential.

Combining GIS/data mining tools, strategic thinking and functional expertises (marketing, pricing, distribution, etc.), Horus T&U guides you throughout your innovation and digitization journey.

Digital Strategy

Integrate digital at all strategic level : innovation, organization, marketing and distribution

Clients – Telecom operators – Government agencies in charge of the digitisation of public services (e-Gov)

Methods – Benchmarking, internal/external analysis, macro-trends mapping, mutli-dimensional feasibility assessment (commercial, technical, legal, etc.), SWOT, etc.

Impact – More efficient and customer centric organization and new growth drivers development.

Innovation Strategy

Put the organization at the heart of an innovative ecosystem to anticipate future trends and outstrip competition

Clients –  Telecom operators

Methods – Innovation strategy and management internally and externally to organize the watch – ideation – validation – amplification cycle and turn ideas into actions (incubation and competition program, open innovation, partnerships management…)

Impact – Implementation of the foundations (tools, organization, process…) to foster innovation and anticipate transformations

Mobile for Development

Provide innovative service through mobile : mAgri, mHealth, mobile for disaster response, solar pay-as-you-go…

Clients –  Telecom operators, international donors…

Methods – Benchmarks, opportunity and feasibility analysis, demand analysis and customer preferences (Focus group, survey etc.), commercial/legal/technical roadmaps, Proof of Concept and pilot management.

Impact – Launch of innovative and efficient services allowing to conquer adjacent markets (agriculture, health, energy etc.), enhance customer loyalty and have a positive impact on economic and social environment.

Our Value Added

Ecosystem Wide Vision

Successful digitization is all about finding the right position within the digital value-chain. Our sound understanding of the whole innovation ecosystem in developing countries (from ministries & incumbents to start-ups and tec hubs) and digitization toolbox (internal, APIs, incumbators, venture capital, M&A, etc.), we are able to optimize every aspect of your digital transformation.