An experienced management team

HORUS Telecom & Utilities directors have over 25 years of experience in emerging countries:

  • Dominique Baron – Chairman
  • Jean-Hubert Gallouet – General Manager
  • François Rall – Consultant Associate senior consultant

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A strong international presence

  • Choosing HORUS Telecom & Utilities is choosing to benefit from over 25 years of experience in:
    • Over 70 countries worldwide
    • Over 30 countries in Africa
  • Every project is based on a good understanding of the technical, financial and human assets and constraints specific to each country.

A comprehensive range of services to optimize our customer’s performance

  • Studies: Market and segmentation, Geomarketing, Audit and reorganization, technico-economic studies
  • Operational support: Products and services, Distribution network, Marketing intelligence, Strategic marketing
  • Conducting transactions: Transfer, Merger, Purchase and real-estate transactions for operators

Renowned customers

HORUS Telecom & Utilities assists all of the telecommunication sector players:

  • Operators
  • Investors
  • Regulation authorities
  • Governments

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A close collaboration with the other companies inside HORUS Group

HORUS Telecom & Utilities works in collaboration with the Group’s other companies on a number of projects:

  • HORUS Development Finance
  • HORUS Entreprises
  • HORUS Systèmes d’information
  • Noomadic Mobile Banking solution

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