Technico-economic feasibility studies
« A crucial tool to help defining projects and making investment decisions. »


The technico-economic feasibility study of a project and the estimate of its profitability are a crucial tool to be able to (1) define the project main commercial characteristics (targeted market, quantitative targets by segment, rates, distribution channels), technical characteristics (technological choices, dimensioning, planning, etc.) and financial characteristics (investment costs, financing method, etc.) ; (2) compare alternative solutions on a rational and costed basis; (3) make a decision whether to launch the project or not and, if necessary, define its planning in space and time and its capital and operational organization.

Example of service provided:

Assessing the profitability of an IP/MPLS network project serving 40 WiMAX access networks in Indonesia.
  • Foresight analysis of the market for access networks: detailed study of the demand by segment, service and offer (home and office broadband access, VPN, VAS, etc.)
  • Forecasting traffic and necessary distribution capacity
  • Dimensioning access and distribution networks (coverage and traffic)
  • Study on investment and operation costs
  • Assessment of expected profitability according to various technical, commercial (renting bandwidth or building a distribution network) and financial scenarios
  • Recommendations on institutional organization and programming
  • Report on market analysis and global benchmarking
  • Model for demand and traffic forecast
  • Technical report on dimensioning preliminary study
  • Model for forecasting changes in revenues and costs and for calculating profitability and sensitivity studies
  • Conclusions and operational and strategic recommendations report

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Africa International Consortium
of telecommunication operators
and manufacturers
Technico-economic feasibility study on a project for an international backbone network between 13 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa
Africa World Bank Construction of an analysis model on distribution networks projects in Sub-Saharan Africa
Algeria Algerian Energy group Feasibility study on a project for deploying a national backbone network in Algeria and creating an activity of telecom operator within an Algerian energy group
Telecom operators and
private groups
Feasibility studies on projects for WiMAX networks in Uganda and in Peru
Worldwide Telecom operators Feasibility studies on projects for GSM networks in Africa, the Middle-East and the Caribbean