Market and segmentation studies
« A set of research and analysis methods for an optimum knowledge of markets. »


Studying markets and segmentation, and assessing their development if necessary, asks for the implementation of various investigation methods, from socio-economic literature reviews to field surveys, depending on the objectives set, the scope and the environment. The customer and services benefiting from the study need to provide beforehand a precise definition of the study scope and expected results. Sources transparency, strict interpretation of information and a continuous attention for reducing margins of error are the best guarantees for reliable results.

Example of service provided:

Measuring the demand for home and mobile broadband service in urban and rural areas in 16 African countries in 2012 and anticipating its development until 2020 per customer segments (households, companies according to their size, public utilities).
  • Comparative socio-economic analysis of the 16 targeted countries (demographics, activities and companies, income, penetration of public services and telecommunications)
  • Making macro and micro-economic projections
  • Defining homogeneous areas and carrying out field surveys with interviews in 5 representative countries
  • Forecasting the demand by segments, using various top-down and bottom-up methods (level of income, ratio by company size and survey results, etc.)
  • Building a model of revenue generation integrating a calculation of the sensitivity of the demand to the major factors.
  • Demand and revenue model by service and segment (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Detailed explanatory document on the methodology, listing sources and analyzing results
  • Graphical presentation of main information and findings

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Africa (16 countries) Satellite operator Forecasting the demand for home and mobile broadband service by customer segments in 16 countries in Northern, Western, Central and Eastern Africa
Cameroon Telecom operator Detailed analysis of the telecommunication market in Cameroon
Worldwide Telecom operators Market study on the demand for home, mobile and Internet telecom services in rural areas in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.
Worldwide Telecom operators Market study on the demand for broadband Internet access in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Jordan, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.
Poland Telecom operator Segmentation analysis of the market for telecommunication services in Poland