Audit and reorganization of operators
« Analyzing the assets and the constraints of an operator to determine corrective measures to implement. »

Context :

HORUS conducts, in a short period of time, a comprehensive technical, commercial, legal and financial analysis of an operator at a given time and in a given context in order to suggest, if necessary, a strategy for an institutional and/or operational reorganization in the short and medium term. The audit may focus on a specific sector (infrastructure and equipment, market positioning, organization and human resources, etc.) or on the operator’s overall situation also taking into account his competitive, institutional and regulatory environment. It then can be conducted in association with other specialized organizations (financial audit firms, legal advice). Once validated, the audit outcomes can be used to design a set of short and medium-term measures to improve the operator’s efficiency or to suggest a global reorganization strategy.

Example of service provided:

Suggesting to a public authority (government) a plan for an overall reorganization of the public operator.
  • Comprehensive audit of the target and its economic, social, regulatory and commercial environment
  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Suggestion of an overall plan for an institutional and financial reorganization including a comparative analysis of several possible options
  • Definition of a new activity scope
  • Assessment of investment and reorganization costs
  • Construction of a business plan
  • Suggestion of an implementation schedule
  • Audit reports (on technical, commercial, financial, legal and social aspects)
  • Report on recommendations and comparative analysis of strategic options
  • Plan of implementation

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Central African Republic Government Support to the Government of the Central African Republic for the reorganization of SOCATEL
Rwanda Telecom operator Audit and development of RWANDATEL infrastructure
Burundi Government Support to the Government of Burundi for the reorganization of ONATEL prior to the withdrawal of the State