Marketing intelligence
« A vital tool to inform decisions made by all of the company’s departments. »


Collecting market information is becoming increasingly important for companies in dynamic markets. A Marketing intelligence unit helps to inform decisions made by all technical and marketing departments within the company.
The consultant’s role is usually not about conducting the marketing and technological intelligence – except as a transitional measure – but about setting up an appropriate structure and providing training for the operators to use the various techniques available and the appropriate reporting for each department.

Example of service provided:

Setting up a marketing intelligence unit within a mobile operator in a context of strong competitiveness.
  • Defining the unit’s objectives and scope (products, markets), its modes of action (format, periodicity and dissemination of results) and the available means (staff, databases)
  • Recruiting specific skills for marketing intelligence
  • Training teams on information collection, selection and analysis techniques
  • Developing marketing intelligence tools (memos, alerts, etc.) for Management and marketing teams, used to define the direction of strategic and operational marketing plans
  • Drafting the appropriate procedures of information dissemination depending on the operator’s environment
  • Drafting and disseminating reports specific to each department’s needs and expectations: General Management, Strategic Marketing Department and Operational Marketing Department

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Algeria Telecom operator Setting up and monitoring a marketing and technological intelligence unit
France Telecom operator Participation in publishing bulletins on marketing intelligence, value-added services and technologies