Distribution network
« A support to operators to improve, activate and diversify their distribution networks. »


Distributing telecommunication products and services in emerging countries is a key factor for projects success and for operators’ profitability: (1) the distribution network is an essential link between the operator and his customers, it is the main vehicle of communication for promoting offers as well as knowing customers’ needs; (2) distribution costs are one of the main factors of profitability; (3) the quality and density of the distribution network represent, with the pricing policy, a major differentiator in a competitive context and a crucial asset for entering new markets.

Example of service provided:

Reenergizing the direct and indirect distribution network: auditing the operator’s current situation based on key commercial performance indicators and taking the necessary corrective measures.
  • Helping to maximize the distribution network
  • Balancing power relations between distributors and operator
  • Diversifying the network through a franchise network
  • Securing the loyalty of partner distributors
  • Professionalizing and improving performances
  • Recommendations and specifications for the target distribution plan
  • Commercial network selection grid
  • Strategic plan for distribution through franchise arrangements and requirements for distributors
  • Contract with architect and procurement files
  • Training and communication plans for distributors
  • Plans and tools for the payment of distributors
  • Specifications for distributors challenges and events
  • Network performance grid and indicators
  • Study and recommendation plan for implementing a trade marketing activity

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Senegal Telecom operator Defining a strategy for securing customers’ loyalty for the indirect sales network and implementing a policy to support the management the operator’s franchise network
Botswana Telecom operator Launching a franchise network and opening outlets for the operator