Designing and launching products and services
« Assisting the operator in launching new offers. »


On the telecommunication market, gaining new customers and securing their loyalty depends on the excellence of the value proposition as well as on the operator’s capacity to achieve a faster time-to-market than his competitors. Operators’ marketing departments must then rely on responsive creative teams focusing on market needs to launch services that are technically efficient, easy to use and to access and positioned at the right price for the customer, while generating profits for the operator.

Example of service provided:

Initiating proposals and being a leader to launch new services:
Within the marketing department, the consultant specifies the offer, defines and validates the service 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place). He coordinates actions towards the launch of the service with all the players in the value chain.
  • Analyzing and benchmarking competitors’ offers
  • Defining a competitive value proposition
  • Testing the concept with market studies (focus groups, quanti studies, etc.)
  • Specifying the service (menus, functions, accessibility, etc.)
  • Building the service operating statement
  • Defining the service commercial approach and launching plan
  • Participating in the development of the communication plan
  • Coordinating the actions of players involved in the launch (IT, network, distribution, legal affairs, communication, process, etc.)
  • Value proposition
  • Price proposition
  • Service launch plan (communication and distribution)
  • Operation statement and sale forecasts
  • Contracts and general terms and conditions of sale
  • Sale tools
  • Etc.

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
France Telecom operator Launching a video portal service on a VPN network for the professional market
Tunisia Telecom operator Launching the range of fixed broadband services