Mobile payment
«A useful and affordable service for customers and a new and reliable source of revenue for operators. »


The development of new, revenue-generating services is a vital objective for telecom operators, while the ARPU is decreasing. Mobile Payment symbolizes these new services and appeals to users who find it useful and affordable. It allows operators to diversify their range of services by being less dependent on traditional revenue sources (voice, SMS). HORUS was involved from the start in the development of this service and gained a great expertise while assisting the pioneer operators.

Example of service provided:

Launching a product both simple and 100% reliable:
Using m-banking services on one’s mobile can involve some complexity for customers from emerging countries. M-banking services must be useful, easy to purchase and to use. Prices must guarantee the service attractiveness as well as profits for the operator.
  • Identifying the customers’ needs through a preliminary study
  • Drafting marketing and technical specifications and having them validated
  • Recommending and testing pricing possibilities (BP)
  • Drafting the customer journey map and interfaces for customers and distributors
  • Drafting customer test specifications
  • Drafting customer assistance specifications
Marketing plan with deliverables and associated apendices:
  • Marketing requirements and specifications including pricing proposal
  • Detailed customer journey map
  • Customer assistance specifications
  • Customer test plan

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Senegal Telecom operator Marketing planning, project management and launch planning for a Mobile Payment service
Ivory Coast Telecom operator Study on the extension of the distribution network of an operator’s Mobile Payment service as part of the improvement of the department’s commercial performances
Jordan Telecom operator Scoping study, feasibility study and project planning up to the launch of the Mobile Payment service
Tajikistan Development agency Scoping study designed to identify opportunities and challenges linked to the use of Mobile Banking technology by microfinance institutions