Strategic marketing
« Assisting the operator in the development of new growth drivers. »


Increased competition combined with the erosion of the “traditional” revenue (voice, access) per subscriber forces the operators to constantly look for new growth drivers. Telecommunication market trends are numerous, complex and changing: mobile banking, multiplay services, new multimedia services, cloud computing, very-high-speed broadband access, etc. At the operator’s service, the expert in strategic marketing sets out to analyze the technologies, the uses and the competition and to develop tomorrow’s value propositions and the associated new revenue models.

Example of service provided:

Assisting the operator in his strategic approach:
The consultant coordinates the actions of the strategy workshop, recommends studies and strategic directions, challenges the operator’s management and his marketing, studies, R&D and innovation departments and prepares the key validation steps.
  • Analyzing and benchmarking market, competition and technologies
  • Suggesting and defining ad-hoc market studies (quali, quanti, etc.)
  • Designing marketing strategy and recommendations, and having them validated
  • Building tools for revenue and risk assessment
  • Assisting the operational teams with the implementation of the strategy
  • Anticipating developments and building long-term roadmaps
Marketing plan with deliverables and associated appendices:
  • Studies outcomes
  • Recommendations
  • Business plan
  • Risk analysis
  • SWOT
  • Detailed action plans
  • Roadmaps
  • Etc.

Some significant references:

Country Customer Service provided
Senegal Telecom operator Defining and validating the first multiplay services (voice/ADSL/TV) on Senegalese market
France Telecom operator Defining the operator’s strategy for web portals in the Africa – Middle-East zone
France Telecom operator Marketing study, definition and launch of an innovation service for broadcasting videos on the professional market
Peru Telecom operator Strategic study and business plan for a national WiMAX network for the residential market (voice and data)